Freshen up your Nest!

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Everyone has been at home staring at the same walls for months, maybe even using the dining room as an office or the kitchen as a classroom.

Here are some tips from Jill Neverovich of DJN Design Services, the designer behind the recent Drees Pavilion make-over, to freshen up your nest!!

It’s no question we are all at home more than ever before – with that we have come to enjoy so many things about our home and also may see spaces that we want to liven up.

If you’re not looking to do a whole home makeover but just want to add some interest to a space that you are using more think about these two items:

Lighting and Paint.

Lighting – perhaps you find yourself in a space that was once designated as the dining room but now functions as a home office or school…one of the biggest concerns and areas of frustration can be lighting for spaces that are serving new tasks or trying to serve multiple tasks.

Invest in the lighting that makes the space work for what you need it to do now. It doesn’t have to involve hiring an electrician and hardwiring new fixtures. There are so many great new wall sconce and task lighting options that have plug-in features that can easily be moved later.

In addition, if you just want to add a little interest or drama to a piece of artwork or accent wall there are also multiple options for plug in art lights and wall accent lighting as well.

We have all heard it so many times we may not want to ever hear it again; but paint is always a go to tool for adding interest and updating a space; without breaking the bank. My suggestion is to think outside the box when it comes to paint – think stripes – painting on the diagonal – color blocking – adding a border – use multiple colors. You can interject black or white to an existing palette to add interest without introducing another color. There are multiple ways to use paint if you take the time to do a little searching you may become inspired!

Check out our website for paint and lighting ideas!

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