Holiday Events at Drees Pavilion!

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It’s been a long year. The 2020 Holiday Season is coming up fast and boy do we ever need it. After the separation, working from home, watching the entire Marvel movie catalog on demand (was that just us?), and virtual hang outs, we need a collective group hug.

Let Drees Pavilion offer you and your family or staff a place to come together again. While most restaurants are maxed out for capacity, we have plenty of room to spread out and bring the entire gang! We can accommodate groups from 15-150 in our spaces. They aren’t just for weddings!

Whether it’s your large family or your staff that is like family, we offer planning, a range of caterers and event managers to handle the details you so can enjoy.

While several event and dining options are available, we are also offering a special Holiday Luncheon menu!

Choose from two plated items such as roasted turkey breast and charred New York strip for lunch, with dessert, drinks, service and tax included!

Click here for the complete menu!

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Planning a wedding, corporate or social event can be a hassle. At Devou Park, we’ve been hosting celebrations for more than 15 years. We’ve learned a lot along the way, and we’re honored to share that expertise with you.

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