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The Drees Pavilion’s culinary team of professional caterers will prepare an exquisite menu tailored to your individual preferences. Begin your celebration with a delicious selection of hors d’oeuvres. Partake in a sumptuous buffet or sit-down dinner. The choice is yours. From cocktail receptions to light refreshments to full-course meals, our caterers will delight you and your guests with their culinary artistry.

For more information — including menu possibilities and prices — contact each caterer directly.

1761 Tennessee Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45229

DelightMore Events: Where every detail is a masterpiece.

Founded in 2022 by joining Funky’s and Vonderhaar’s Catering, DelightMore brings a combined 70 years of experience to your event.

At DelightMore, you can trust that every detail of your event is cared for so you and your guests can enjoy every moment. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate gathering, social celebration, or any other event, we specialize in tailoring our services to the client’s vision. Our customization extends beyond the table, encompassing décor, entertainment, culinary designs, and the overall atmosphere. You can trust DelightMore for Design Services, Decor Consultations, Menu Development, Entertainment Planning, Seamless event executive.

Visit us at Delightmore.com to explore your next event, or simply give us a call at 513.841.9999. 

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2575 Commerce Boulevard
Cincinnati, OH 45241

Elegant Fare is a family owned business that has been serving the Greater Cincinnati area for over 35 years. At Elegant Fare, we understand just how important your event is. The food must be delicious, the service impeccable, the presentation artistic and the personnel prompt and reliable. Everyone involved in your event is a professional. We select the members of our catering family carefully. Our talented staff includes an executive chef, pastry chef, buffet decorators, and a service management team.

Our entire wait-staff must undergo extensive training in service and personal presentation in order to offer our clients more than they expect. Relax! With Elegant Fare you can be assured that we will attend to every detail.  Our ability to respond quickly and tastefully to our clients’ needs is what has made us the “Caterer of Choice” for many institutions in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Photo from Jeff Thomas Website

815 Oak Street
Ludlow, Kentucky 41016

Jeff Thomas Catering was established in 1985 when I decided to turn my hobby into my livelihood. With a strong passion for food and wine and an MBA in Marketing, I embraced the challenge. I carved my niche by customizing menus to suit each clients’ tastes while playing “Chef” for the first six years. Being in the kitchen fueled my desire to find new and interesting cuisines. Traveling the world has afforded me the opportunity to do just that. I take pride in introducing cutting-edge ideas to the tri-state area.

Hosting an event is not just choosing a menu. Identifying the needs of the client and designing the stage for their event is key. Customizing to their particular desires adds reassurance that their special night will be unique. We can handle most of our clients’ needs, from rentals and floral to entertainment and lighting.

Photo from Mchales Catering Website

1622 Dixie Hwy
Park Hills, Kentucky 41011

McHale’s Events and Catering provides catering services to the prestigious Drees Pavilion. We pride ourselves on providing a relaxing environment for people to host events for family and friends without the usual worries of entertaining. When details matter, know the staff at McHale’s Events and Catering is sincerely dedicated to ensuring your guests are comfortable from the time they arrive until the last gift is tucked safely and on its way home. From a sumptuous buffet to a plated meal, our chefs cook with the desire to impress and make your wedding unforgettable.  McHale’s knowledgeable event planners take the time to make each event spectacular.

We deliver creative menus, superior quality and dedicated knowledgeable staff. McHale’s has earned a reputation of respect in the community by providing the higher quality of food and service possible. By maintaining this level of quality since our inception, we have become an industry leader in our community. “every detail, every event, every time