Frequently Asked Questions


Photo: Christen Endicott

How much does it cost to rent Drees Pavilion?

Please view our facility pricing sheet to answer questions concerning pricing, minimum spending and peak season.

Is Drees Pavilion Available on....

Please view our online calendar to search for available dates.

What do your custom centerpieces look like?

We feature two styles of custom centerpieces. The Trio is a set of three graduated floating candle holders while the Trumpet is a 24″ tall singular vase.

Do I have to use your complimentary linens and centerpieces?

No. Please view our guest services for additional options available through the Drees Pavilion. You may also use outside vendors if you choose.

What will my event coordinator handle for me?

Your event coordinator will help ensure that you and your guests have the most pleasurable event! Your event coordinator will make sure the room is set according your specifications. They will set out table favors, and light candles. They will coordinate the timeline with catering staff and entertainment, help with guest incidentals, and collect all of your items at the end of the event.

What is the ceiling height, width, maximum capacity of the room?

Please view our floor plans page for this information.

Can I bring in my own food? Drinks? Caterer?

Only wedding cakes and desserts are allowed from outside caterers. For all other food and beverage service, you must use one of our approved caterers.

What type of Audio/Visual services do you offer?

We have podiums, easels, flip charts and wired microphones available for your complimentary use. We can facilitate any equipment needs through our partnership with Prestige Audio Visual.

What is the parking capacity?

We have a private lot in front of the facility with complimentary parking for 250 cars.

Can I use candles for my ceremony and or reception?

Candles can be used as long as they are dripless and the flame is completely protected. Our staff will be happy to light your candles immediately before your event.

Are there special requirements for the entertainment?

The facility will be available for your entertainment to “load in” two hours before your event start time. Your entertainment will have one hour after the conclusion of your event to load back out. Your entertainment must furnish their own sound system and risers if needed.

When would I be able to get in the facility?

The Drees Pavilion will be available two hours prior to your event start time. Your Drees Pavilion event coordinator will arrange the delivery times for your vendors.

Do I have to make an appointment to view the facility?

Yes.  You can schedule a tour online here. We can also arrange for a viewing prior to event beginnings. This will give you a first hand look at how your guests will see the room as they enter.

Do I have to pay the caterer separately from the Drees Pavilion?

No. Your invoice from the Drees Pavilion will include the fees you have negotiated with the caterer and any other services we have facilitated on your behalf, such as audio/visual, furniture rental, valet services and etc.

How are gratuities handled?

We are frequently asked; how should gratuities be handled? First and foremost, we want you to enjoy the day of your celebration and not worry about any particulars, especially gratuities! The week after your event, if you would like to specially thank those who took care of your celebration, gratuity can be handle in several different ways, based on your preference.

• If undesignated, any dollar amount that is left as gratuity for an event, will be divided evenly between those team members (Drees Pavilion Event Coordinator, Catering Captain, servers, Bartenders and Kitchen Support Staff) that worked your event. For example, if $400.00 was left as gratuity and there were 16 team members, each team member would receive $25.00. At your request, we can provide the total number of team members that provided service to your event

• You can designate how much gratuity that you want to go to certain or all staff members. For example, if you leave $400.00, but designate $75.00 to each your Drees Pavilion Event Coordinator and your Catering Captain, then each of those persons would receive $75.00 and the remaining 14 team members would divide the remaining $250.00.

• While a percentage of the food & beverage as a gratuity, is a very generous gesture, please remember our team members are earning more than minimum wage. The average gratuity left per server, bartender and kitchen support ranges from $20.00 to $50.00 per member. The average gratuity left to the Catering Captain is $75 to $150.00. The average gratuity left to the Drees Pavilion Event Coordinator is $75 to $150.00.

• Remember, most of our guests, after their event, will have a credit balance in their account, due to their refundable security deposit. We are happy to appropriate funds from your security deposit to your gratuity. For example, if you have a $500.00 credit balance in your account after your event, you can ask us to apply $400.00 to gratuity and refund the difference.

Can I reserve a date?

Yes, we can hold a date for you for up to two weeks. To confirm your date, we must have your deposit and rental agreement completed by the end of the two weeks.

What are the deposit requirements?

A $1000 initial deposit is required to reserve the Drees Pavilion.

$500.00 of the initial deposit is considered your nonrefundable confirmation deposit. This amount is applied directly to your account statement. The additional $500.00 of the initial deposit is considered your refundable security deposit.

Your second installment will be due six months prior to your event date in the amount of 50% of your event estimate.

Your third installment will be due ninety days prior to your event date for the remaining amount of 50% of your event estimate.

Any remaining balance is due seven days before your event. You will be over paying your event by $500.00 including the security deposit.

What are your cancellation policies?

Events cancelled before ninety days, forfeit their initial $500.00 non refundable confirmation deposited. Events cancelled with in 89 days of the event date will be responsible for the full event estimate.

I still have a question.

Please contact us online or call us at (859) 431-2577 during business hours and we will be happy to help!