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“We are so glad we chose the Drees Pavilion for our daughter’s wedding. The room and the view were amazing, and Scott Mescher and his staff went above and beyond to help us celebrate the special day.” – Dave & Nancy, 2022

Scott Mescher
Executive Director

19 Years with Devou Properties

Originally from Fort Mitchell, KY

About: Scott has been married to his wife, Danell, for 32 years. They have 3 children and a 8 week old grandson

Favorite Wedding Tradition: Welcome & Toast from the Father of the Bride

Favorite Cake/Icing Combo: White icing, yellow cake with raspberry filling

Advice to New Couples: Enjoy the celebration and don’t worry about anything else that day!

“We cannot give enough positive praise about our event.  Every step of the way, Sonia was amazing.” – Julie, Bride, 2022

Sonia Lawson

Customer Relations Manager

18 Years with Devou Properties

Originally from Northern Kentucky

About: Sonia hails from a very large family. She has a beautiful daughter and a handsome 3 year old grandson. 

Favorite Wedding Tradition: First Dance

Favorite Cake/Icing Combo: Cupcakes with assorted flavors – covers all the favorites of the guests!

Advice to New Couples: Dating and engagement is a learning experience before marriage. I always say you need to build something together, paint a room together and go on a trip…if you can conquer these three things, this will begin to lay the foundation to your relationship. Marriage is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have, whatever you put in to the marriage you will get back in the marriage. Always communicate and always grow together as a couple and then a family!

Kelly Beasley

“Our coordinator on our wedding day, Kelly, was awesome!”  – Nicole, Bride

Kelly Beasley

6 Months with Devou Properties

Originally from Burlington, KY

About: Kelly is a retired teacher of 30 years. She married her high school sweetheart, Kevin and they have two adult children – a Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy and a recruiter for Christ Hospital/Sergeant in the Army Reserves.

Favorite Wedding Tradition: First Look with the Fathers

Advice to New Couples: Always have fun together – laugh a lot!

“Cindy was wonderful during our planning meeting and was beyond amazing the night of our event!” – Julie, Bride

Cindy Burns

10 years with Devou Properties

Originally from West Side Cincinnati, OH

About: Cindy’s full time job is as a Certified Surgical Technologist. She is the person who assists the Surgeon during the Surgical Operation. Cindy has been married for 27 years and has 2 sons. Her oldest son is 26 years old is a NFL Agent and her youngest is a Secret Service agent.

Favorite Wedding Tradition: The Introduction of the Bridal Party

Favorite Wedding Cake/Dessert: From Spoon Fulla Sugar – white cake with blackberry/berry compote!

Advice to New Couples: Enjoy life with each other!! And always kiss goodnight.

“Sam went above and beyond from the moment we met her!” – Meghan, Bride

Sam “SJ” Hoekstra

2 years with Devou Properties

Grew up in Columbus, GA/Ft. Mitchell, KY

About: Sam is married with 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl, the oldest 2 children often work with her! Loves: Gardening, cooking, working with horses and kayaking. She loves all things summertime! Sam worked in Healthcare and made a dramatic change to join the Drees Team and could not be happier with this exciting new chapter.

Favorite Wedding Tradition: First Dances

Favorite Wedding Cake/Dessert: The Cookie Table, a tradition from Pittsburgh. This is a way for family and friends to share and contribute to the celebration by bringing handmade cookies to share on a beautiful platter. One wedding had a beautiful long table filled with hundreds of gorgeous and delicious cookies on stunning glass platters and I just fell in love with that tradition.

Advice to New Couples: Remember the wedding is about YOU as a couple. Don’t rush through the wedding day, take time to enjoy it together!

“Sonia, Scott, and Eloise were all amazing to work with!” – Ashley, Bride

Eloise Kulikowski

5 years with Devou Properties

Originally from Monroeville, AL

About: Eloise grew up in a small town in rural Alabama. She has a twin sister PLUS 3 other sets of twins in her siblings, and a total of 12 brothers & sisters! Eloise is married with 2 wonderful stepchildren and a beautiful 17 month old granddaughter. She is also a very avid cat lover and presently has two lovely Siamese cats, Lexie and Snickers.

Favorite Wedding Tradition: When the couple is waiting to be introduced to the reception crowd for the first time! You can always see the excitement in their eyes.

Favorite Wedding Cake/Dessert: Yummy Red Velvet/Cheesecake Combo that her friend, Carolyn Venter has the dream recipe for and she makes it to  PERFECTION! The Combo will really make you hurt yourself just enjoying those flavors of deliciousness!!!

Advice to New Couples: Take the time to keep dating each other forever, make each other laugh often and don’t be so serious with life!

“Sonia, Scott and Scott are simply the best & most kind to work with!” – Lauren, Bride

Scott Lawson

6 Months with Devou Properties

Originally from Western Hills, OH

About: Married with 2 children

Favorite Wedding Tradition: Mother/Son Dance

Favorite Wedding Cake: BonBoneri Opera Cream

Advice to New Couples: Compromise!

Carolyn Venter

“I had the absolute best experience working with the Drees Pavilion, especially Sonia and Carolyn!” – Erin, Bride

Carolyn Venter

“Many, many years” with Devou Properties

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa

About: Carolyn moved to the USA when she was 34. She has two daughters, and a third grand baby on the way. Between weddings and babies, her life is never dull, and she truly loves what she does at Drees. She & her husband love to travel, and have a long bucket list of places they have yet to visit!

Favorite Wedding Tradition: When the bride stands in the threshold of the space and everyone turns to see her for the first time.

Advice to New Couples: “Never walk away angry with each other, fix it first, even if you have to be the one that has to say sorry. My husband and I have been married for 34 years. Marriage isn’t easy, but it’s very, very worth it!”

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